We designed our 24HL brewery to be as flexible as possible, allowing us to brew many different styles. We use open top fermentation for our more traditional ales, which gives us a softer hop profile and more rounded yeast esters. Our conical FV's allow us to brew punchier pale ales with a clean yeast profile. They also allow us to dry hop the beer in the FV with better results and retain more aroma, and also to separate the beer from the yeast more easily.

Our lab allows us to analyse whats going on in the FV whilst the beer is fermenting. We take a sample from each beer every day to monitor pH change, sugar levels and yeast number and health as a minimum. This allows us to quickly notice any differences that may occur from batch to batch which may be an early indicator of any problems. The data from each gyle is available to all our customers.

Once fermented our cask beers are racked off into cleaned and sterilised casks and immediately moved into our cold store for cold conditioning. We randomly set aside one cask from every batch to be tested by our tasting panel before any of the batch is released for sale.


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The beers we wholesale are some of the best in the country, and we treat them in the very best way we can. Our cold store keeps beer at the ideal temperature to allow secondary fermentation to continue in a controlled manner, whilst keeping the beer as fresh as possible, 

Our fleet of delivery vehicles are all temperature controlled meaning that beer reaches you in the very best condition it can. In the height of summer the temperature in the back of a standard van can reach upwards of 25c - with our vans beer will be at cellar temperature when it arrives, allowing for faster settling, more predictable condition and better quality all round.

All beers delivered by Iron Pier come with a care package, with dedicated information on each beer, written by one of our experts. 

We use our brewery and taproom to support our wholesale customers by running regular cellar training, off flavour tasting courses and beer style education courses. Regular customers will be welcome to send their staff to our Taproom for training courses throughout the year.

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Current Opening Hours:
Friday 1700 - 2100
Saturday 1200 - 2100
Sunday 1300 - 1600

Our Taproom is situated on site at our Gravesend brewery. Not only is it the ideal place to drink our beer, you can also watch the next batch of beers being made while you drink. Designed to be a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a beer,  you don't need to be a beer geek to come and have a beer at our Taproom

Not sure if you even like beer? No problem Our staff are trained to be able to take you through a range of beers, identifying what flavours you like and which ones you don't. Hopefully you will leave having found a beer you enjoy and with a few key words or styles which will allow you to identify beers you may like in future. 

Our Taproom is also the place to experience one off brews from our pilot plant, chat to our brewery team or learn more about our philosophy.