We are very excited to be brewing our first ever Green Hop beer next week. We will be brewing an amber ale using fresh Kent Grown Bullion hops. 

This brew is particularly special to us as it will be named for our friend Alan Pretious who passed away at the turn of the year. Alan was a dear friend to all of us at Iron Pier and a big supporter of us when we were setting the brewery up. Alan was particularly a fan of red ales and darker beers so we are using a fairly malt forward base, made up of Marris Otter, Oats and some speciality Crystal Malts.

The hops themselves will be from Hukins Hops in Tenterden. We would expect the Bullion to display notes of oranges, dark fruits, and often a little pine as well. We are excited to see what this years harvest will bring and will update you with photos on the day.


James Hayward