Unfortunately we have hit some delays waiting for the burner to be fitted to our brewery, luckily however, the good people at Bexley Brewery have come to our rescue and allowed us to brew beer at their place this week. Its been interesting trying to shuttle samples back to Iron Pier for lab tests (in a lab thats lacking a wall or two at the moment) but all seems to be progressing well with the beer, which should go into cask early next week. An English Pale brewed using a variety of hops, including Admiral and First Gold, the initial results are promising.

The plan for the coming weeks is to get the Taproom to a point where we can open the bar with our English Pale, plus a few beers from some of our friends, before Christmas. If we are lucky the burner will be fitted next week and we can begin testing the kit with an eye to producing beers for launching after Christmas. 


Those of you that attended the Pigs Ear Beer Festival (East London and City CAMRA) this week may have had the chance to try a collaboration between ourselves and 40FT Brewery. DeeperHood is a stout brewed with Tamarind and Coffee Husks. 

James Hayward