Soooo... We managed to get some beer out before Christmas thanks to the generosity of the good people at Bexley Brewery. Our English Pale went out to a limited selection of stockists before Chirstmas and was generally well received. We also managed to get a brew in on our own kit before Christmas, which was much less of a success. There were various issues with the equipment during the brew day, which were largely surmountable if frustrating. We put the beer in cask just after Christmas, however due to some issues with the fermentor design (which, considering how much experience our supplier has is massively frustrating) we didn't feel the beer was suitable for sending out to the world at large. We have kept a few casks to see what happens with them, but have had to dump the rest of the batch as it would be irresponsible to send beer out to customers with an unpredictable yeast count in the cask.

Our supplier will be coming to rectify the issues with the brew kit next week and hopefully that will allow us to get back on track with the brewery side of the operation. We also have a couple of additional tanks arriving early January,

Whilst this has been happening we have been working hard to get the Taproom ready for customers. We were aiming for a pre Christmas launch, however due to the brew kit delays, we decided it would be better to focus on getting the taproom in a more complete state before opening our doors to the public. We are currently on track for a mid January opening and will be serving out English Pale and some experimental beers. We also hope to have some beer in tank by then to show you during brewery tours.


James HaywardComment